MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre KL – Booth B32
10-13 September 2015

The Bauhaus Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at Art Expo Malaysia Plus featuring an exclusive sneak preview of Syed Thajudeen’s anticipated Retrospective at the Penang State Museum. The retrospective will run from 2 November till 31 December 2015 at Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang. This sneak preview will allow visitors of the art fair a fair opportunity to view the grandeur of the master’s art works.

“We are aiming to showcase masterpieces by critically acclaimed Malaysian artist, Syed Thajudeen who has been painting and exhibiting worldwide for the past 50 years.” explains co-founder and Director of the gallery, Kulsanofer. “The year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the artist’s involvement in the art scene. The booth will bring together works from the artists’ various series - deeply entrenched in culture, tradition and spiritualism.”

The booth will also feature paintings by Sofia Haron, a talented young artist who uses fabric patchworks and acrylic to form vibrant human figures and portraits. In contrast, Raimi Syafiqah, another featured artist, vividly expresses human expressions in her realist lifelike renditions of the human form.

One of highlights of the booth is a spectacular large-scale mural on canvas, The Eternal Love between Puteri Gunung Ledang & Hang Tuah by Syed Thajudeen. This painting measuring an outsanding 183 x 762 cm took the artist three (3) years to complete down to its intricate details. According to legend Sultan Mahmud Shah, the Sultan of Malacca sent Hang Tuah on a mission to propose to Puteri Gunung Ledang who is famed for her beauty. The princess, unwilling to accept the proposal is said to have demanded impossible gifts including the blood of the Sultan’s son. Love instead blossomed between Hang Tuah and the princess. But alas, due to Hang Tuah’s strong sense of duty, love was sacrificed. Syed’s adaptation of this beautiful love story depicts the love at first sight between the valiant admiral and the bewitching princess. The tigers prowling around Hang Tuah and the deers surrounding the princess symbolize bravery and gentleness. A perfect combination; the Yin and Yang. 50 years of experience is clearly visible in the mastery of the fluid, flowing figures that seem to dance on the canvas.

For the first time, Syed Thajudeen’s artwork will be depicted in fine jewellery. It is the artist’s vision that his paintings become luxurious wearable art. The inaugural piece made its debut at the World Art Dubai 2015. It is a unique and one of a kind enamel, 22k gold pendant cum brooch encrusted with diamonds. This is a collaborative effort between the artist Syed Thajudeen and American enamellist Sydney Scherr.

“We are looking forward to Art Expo Malaysia Plus. I am sure our collection will add to the splendor of the latest edition of the art fair” says Kulsanofer. “The programme lined up is particularly exciting and we are expecting a wide range of visitors. We look forward to welcoming them to our booth to meet Syed Thajudeen, who has most graciously accepted to be present at the booth to meet the press and visitors”.